The importance of office ambiance is more widely recognised than ever: if you’re working in a comfortable and inspiring environment, chances are you’ll be more productive, more content and less inclined to seek out new pastures. Kemp London has produced several custom pieces for office spaces, including neon décor for {{WeWork}} in Waterloo.

Having been in a process of refurbishment since 2018, Revolut’s London office is nearing completion. Kemp London was called in to provide the icing on the cake: four floors’ worth of custom-built neon signage. Due to its fragility, the neon had to be the last things fitted. The Kemp London team manufactured 15 pieces in all over the course of the refurb, then, as each floor was pronounced ready, installed them in the office overnight, ready for the floor’s opening the next day.

The same four designs in sturdy block typography embellish the first, second and third floors: ‘Think Deeper’, ‘Never Settle’, ‘Stronger Together’ and ‘Get it Done’. The fourth floor, which was completed earliest (in May 2018) sports the designs ‘Get Shit Done’, ‘Bring Your A Game’ and Stronger Together’. Each sign is mounted on a dark-painted wall, allowing the neon to pop to the maximum.

If you’re looking to add some dynamism to your working space, get in touch to discuss your ideas with us.